We have booked Lura for several years into our rotation at Birch Street Uptown Lounge. Her smooth sound is perfect for our vibe. She is always popular, and a pleasure for the staff to work with. Highly recommended.
Kevin Taylor
Birch Street Uptown Lounge
Amazing voice... Smooth as a slip and slide on a hot day. Steamy
~ Fan
Love, Love Love Lura's beautiful, smooth voice and (Be Cool Relax's) cool vibe. Great play set and presence too. Everyone (vendors and customers) kept asking me "when are they coming back!" Definitely, a fan favorite!!!
Karen Carroll
Music Coordinator - Cedar Mill
Lura has a great voice and real talent expressing the emotion in the songs she is performing.Her range is vast...
~ Fan
"Lori Boone and Lura Griffiths of, Women With Standards are delightfully entertaining! They each have their own distinct style, embracing the audience with their fresh approach to their performance. Their duets are creative and always captivating! This talented duo is loads of fun!"
Laura Stilwell
Musical Coordinator, The Camellia Lounge at the Tea Zone
Great feel for the blues... Another Portland singer of note!